The 4 key ingredients in our kitchen


Where our plants take root

Humans have interacted with the earth since the dawn of time. It is a relationship built upon respect, ensuring the abundant riches of our tomato fields and guaranteeing a plentiful harvest every year in Emilia Romagna and the surrounding area. Our tomatoes do not travel long distances, because we want them to be fresh and bursting with flavour.

Take a walk through our fields

We know each of our farmers by name, because they are members of our family. We are honest and open with them, and they know that passion and devotion are the hallmarks of Mutti suppliers. Our rules are strict, but it is highly rewarding work. All of our farmers are proud to know that their tomatoes will become Mutti products. The care they take in tending to their crops is only equalled by the care we take in making them into delicious food.

Winners of the Pomodorino d'oro (Golden Tomato) quality award share their passion.

The 4 key ingredients in our kitchen


The source of an exceptional taste

Water gives our tomatoes their wealth of flavour and helps us take care of the fruit, even after harvest.

When the tomatoes arrive at the factory they are sorted and washed with gentle water jets so as not to damage them. Water is a precious resource and we don't like wasting it. Season after season, we limit our consumption and streamline its use.

Reducing the factory's water consumption alone is not enough. In fact, 80% of the water we use goes into the fields. This is why we support our farmers as they develop irrigation technology that helps cut down on the use of this essential resource, while ensuring that our tomatoes are unaffected.

Sustainable water use is important to us. We were actually the first Italian company to calculate our water footprint, which is the amount of water consumed across the entire production process.

Along with tomatoes, water
is the main focus of our attention.

In association with the WWF Italy, we were the first company in Italy to measure the water footprint of the entire production process and take concrete action to reduce it.

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Protecting our environment together

The 4 key ingredients in our kitchen


The warmth that brings sweetness

Sun and rain are our main allies in bringing our tomatoes to the perfect ripeness. There is nothing better than a hot summer on the plains for tomatoes that are full of flavour.

Did you know that tomatoes are only edible when they are ripe? When they are still green, they contain solanine, an alkaloid that makes the fruit unfit for consumption. Sunlight is essential to transform tomatoes into the extraordinary fruit that is loved by so many people. The fruit is ready to eat once it is ripe and bright red in colour. This is when its nutritional benefits are the most highly concentrated. So the sun is Mutti's greatest ally.

The 4 key ingredients in our kitchen


The patience to wait for the perfect harvest

Choosing the right time to pick tomatoes means finding the perfect balance: neither too early nor too late. In this art form, perfection and punctuality go hand in hand. The farmers monitor their tomato fields with the utmost care and attention, looking out for signs of optimum ripeness. We are also developing experimental schemes using drones fitted with special sensors that are able to detect the perfect time to harvest the tomatoes.

From field...

During the summer, our fields turn red, which is a sign that our fruit is ready to make its way to the factory. Each batch of tomatoes undergoes rigorous quality control and passes through a long series of selection and analysis processes. This is how Mutti ensures that all our products meet the criteria you use when selecting what to buy. The quality of the harvest, which is rewarded with a warm handshake, is the result of our constant commitment from field to fork.

Our promises fork

How should Mutti products be stored?

Our tomatoes owe their exceptional flavour to our natural processes and ingredients, and to the fact that we do not use preservatives. Mutti products must therefore be consumed fairly quickly. Once open, passata and pulp may be kept in the refrigerator for three days. Tomato concentrate in a tube may be stored for up to twenty days after opening. But you are sure to find plenty of opportunities to use our products in your everyday cooking.

How do Mutti tomatoes develop their flavour?

The key to Mutti's unique taste is our painstaking selection of the ripest Italian tomatoes, which are processed within 24 hours of being picked. We have honed this basic principle over a hundred years of experience and know-how.

Are Mutti tomatoes 100% Italian?

We know all there is to know about our tomatoes because we monitor the fruit from field to the factory, and from the factory right to your kitchen. We foster a constant dialogue with our seed selectors, farmers and transporters. We are lucky enough to live in a region that is perfect for growing tomatoes. So the fruit that we process at the Mutti headquarters is grown within an average radius of 100 km.
This distance is a little further for varieties that are grown in Oliveto Citra, in southern Italy.

Mutti specialises in Italian tomatoes, grown and harvested following sustainable and responsible methods.

Tomatoes at their very best

Working with this single raw ingredient means that we are tomato experts. Our entire product range stems from a single basic ingredient: a flawless fruit at perfect ripeness. Pulp, passata, concentrate, peeled tomatoes, Baby Roma and sauces: each of our products meets the same quality standards. We guarantee each product and each type of packaging. That's the promise from the two-lion brand.

Do Mutti products
contain gluten?

Mutti products contain neither gluten
nor any other type of flour.