The first to taste Mutti tomatoes
are our farmers.

Each summer, the Parma province holds its annual harvest celebrations. Everyone is involved: our farmers, who are often also livestock and dairy producers, our transporters, who make sure the tomatoes are moved quickly from the field to the factory, and all the seasonal workers, often students who spend the summer with us.

We would describe ourselves first and foremost as the guardians of our authentic tomato flavour, and not as producers. So we pay very careful attention to the "rule of freshness".

The tomatoes are protected throughout the journey from the field to the factory. This means that they retain all their flavour. However, once they are packaged they become real globetrotters, bringing delight to homes all around the world.

There is no greater satisfaction than receiving a batch of Mutti tomatoes ready for processing. It means that they have passed our stringent quality control tests, that they have reached optimal ripeness and that in just a few hours, they will become the products that we use every day in our kitchens.

In order to retain all of the tomato's natural goodness, we limit the time between the tomatoes' arrival at the factory and the point at which they are processed.

Parma and the surrounding area

Did you know that some of our tomatoes are grown at the heart of Italy's famed gastronomic valley in Emilia Romagna? Tomatoes and wheat have been among the principle crops produced on the plains of Po and the Apennine slopes for over a century. These two are closely linked: each restores to the soil what the other removes. This virtuous circle gives the fruit of our labour some unique characteristics. Since it was first introduced, tomato cultivation has always been alternated with other plants. This practice helps to enrich the soil with many different nutrients so it is always fertile and rich. Exploring a tomato plantation during the summer harvest is a truly unique experience.

Other regions

Other regions

Each region has its own tomatoes. Mutti knows that each area has its own distinctive characteristics. This is why we seek out the most highly-prized varieties in Italy. For peeled and cherry tomatoes for instance, we have chosen the fields of the Tavoliere delle Puglia, where the ideal conditions for producing these uniquely flavoured fruits come together. To follow the "rule of freshness", we process them at our nearby factory in Oliveto Citra, in the province of Salerno, where we have built up a wealth of experience and best practices for over a hundred years.

Parma and the surrounding area

Production stages

  • Quality control

    Quality control

    Only the best tomatoes reach our factory. Each batch is analysed in order to satisfy your very high food quality expectations. Sugar content, acidity and colour are all measured. Squashed or insufficiently ripe fruit, those that show marks, soil or stones are detected. Only tomatoes that meet our standards are used for Mutti products.

  • Arrival at the factory

    Arrival at the factory

    Once a batch has been accepted, the tomatoes are placed into tanks and delicately washed using a water jet to avoid damaging them. Another check is performed using optical sensors, which reject any fruit that does not deserve its place in the Mutti range.

  • Filling the tanks

    Filling the tanks

    The tomatoes are then brought to storage tanks, which feed them onto the production lines. Here they are placed into a bath, which eliminates any final impurities and keeps them fresh and protected against any fermentation. Then they are finally ready to be processed.

  • Production


    Before the production itself begins, a third sorting check is carried out, inspired by ancestral traditions in Italian cooking. The key to our work is preserving the tomato's original flavour.