Pomodorino d'oro (Golden Tomato) quality award

Recognising excellence

An exceptional prize for exceptional commitment. The Pomodorino d'oro (Golden Tomato) quality award is attributed to our best farmers.

Since 2000, the Pomodorino d'oro (Golden Tomato) quality award has enabled us to constantly improve the quality of our product. It's a win-win situation:
Mutti, the farmers and consumers all benefit.

Mutti has almost 300 farmers, all of whom are recognisable because they proudly display a board featuring the brand logo in their fields. The prize is awarded based on an automatic analysis carried out when the tomatoes arrive at the factory. Sweetness, nutritional values and the degree of ripeness are among the criteria.

The evaluation criteria are determined in partnership with groups representing the farmers and producers themselves. These elements bring everyone involved together, from the tomato production chain, right up to the final consumer. We are all working towards the same objective: offering families an exceptional product that represents our culinary identity and the essence of Mediterranean gastronomy.

“This award helps to strengthen the mutual trust between ourselves and our farmers, and reflects the care we take to satisfy those who choose us each day”

Francesco Mutti

Since it was created in the 19th century, the Cattedra Ambulante di Agricoltura (Italian itinerant agricultural authority) has helped rural growers to improve their production techniques.

At Mutti, we have taken inspiration from this success, and shared our expertise and that of our agronomists with farmers. We work together to find techniques to improve the product, beyond the parameters set by law. We also optimise the sustainability of agronomic methods, particularly in the field of our water footprint.

Since 2010, Mutti has been taking concrete action to reduce its water footprint.

As part of a programme established with the WWF Italy in 2010, Mutti promised to use its water resources in a sustainable way. The measures implemented include: promotion of drip irrigation systems, organisation of training sessions and technical assistance, and upstream control of tomato ripeness to decide on the right time for harvesting.