A relationship with the Italian soil that has stood the test of time

Rotondo di Parma, Plum, Cherry, Baby Roma, and San Marzano

Sun, earth, water and time: Mutti's recipe for success in your kitchen

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The origins of our tomatoes

Those who grow our tomatoes share your tastes.

Mutti tomatoes have been growing in Parma since 1899. Their outstanding taste is testament to the bond that unites man and soil. This union reveals its treasures during the summer harvest. Learn more about the history of our tomatoes from those who tend to them each day.

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Key stages

  • Planting

    Maintaining a constant dialogue with the farmers means that we can choose the varieties that are best suited to each plot of land, and produce the finest tomatoes.

  • Farming

    Our goal is to know all there is to know about tomatoes. We share all of our experience with our farmers and guide them throughout the development of their crop.

  • Harvest

    Knowing how to choose the right time to harvest is the key to achieving the best flavours. During the harvest itself, our factories are open around the clock, because ripe tomatoes simply cannot wait.

  • Production

    Each stage was designed with a single purpose: to retain all of the tomato's natural goodness. We use innovative technology to sort our tomatoes with the greatest care, production time is cut to a minimum and heat treatments mean that the tomatoes are handled more gently.

If you need one more reason to choose Mutti, look no further than its exceptional taste. This stems from our responsible approach to nature and our desire to foster healthy living for all.